Take responsibility for the energy you allow in your life. Good for releasing unhealthy relationship dynamics or circumstances that you wish to stop repeating or calling in to your life.

If you are ready to free yourself from unhealthy and repetitive patterns, this work will cut the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual or karmic cords that may be keeping you tethered to a person, place or thing.

*Great for breakups of all sorts. You know, the ones where you can’t stop repeating the stories or arguing with them in your head long after the breakup. Or maybe the other has moved on and you just can’t. Romantic, Friendship, Familial. (Cannot be done involving small children)

*Can be done in existing relationships to release an unhealthy repetitive pattern that is present between you.

*Useful for cutting ties with an object or a physical place that is no longer serving us. Sometimes we might have a cord where we were born, yet we want to release that place so we can put deep roots somewhere else.

*Some realize the full benefits of this service in only one session. Several sessions may be necessary depending on several factors.

$85 with Azalea

Azalea has additional, but limited, availability outside of her online schedule for Soulcare appointments. Please call 336-553-0790 if you are in need of an energetic service but cannot find an appointment with her.