Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing therapy that is currently used in many well-known hospitals including Johns Hopkins, MD Anderson Cancer Center and Duke. Reiki accesses Universal Life Force Energy to encourage the release of stuck energy and the flow of higher vibrational energy through your entire system. Reiki has many healing qualities and can help bring balance to low vibrations of stress, anxiety, grief, depression and illness. It works by cleansing and clearing those low vibratory or “stuck” energies so that higher vibratory energy flows more freely through your body, stimulating it’s own self regulating abilities. Through the awareness of stuck energy in our bodies we can begin to understand where we may be feeling stuck in more specific areas of our lives. We can then approach these areas with more awareness, understanding, compassion and responsibility.

30 minute Chakra Balancing Reiki $55

Chakra Balancing Reiki with Oracle card reading 45 minute $75

Reiki + card reading/coaching with Azalea 60minutes $100
Take a deeper dive with Reiki Master and energy coach, Azalea Yow. This service allows additional time for inquiry and discussion.

Oracle cards serve as a divination tool for deeper introspection and leaves room for personal, intuitive interpretation. We like to see them as a loving lens to gain new perspective through and sometimes they just give us the validation we need to see that we are exactly where we need to be. We love using these cards and relaying the information and insights for you and your highest good. You’ll be surprised by how accurate and helpful this is.

*Reiki may be added to any of our other customized facials/massage +$25

NOTE: Azalea has additional, but limited, availability outside of her online schedule for Soulcare appointments. Please call 336-553-0790 if you are in need of an energetic service but cannot find an appointment with her.