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Our holistic approach to your skin means we dive deep into what’s inside, too. Soul-level work is part of how we transform as Humans. It helps us clear energetic blocks and unlock our true potential.

When we stuff down difficult emotions or have trauma in our lives, it can get trapped inside our bodies and blocks us in those areas. Ever hear yourself say, “That person is a pain in the neck,” only to then find your neck hurts? Your mind and body hears you and that plays out physically and can manifest in various ways including through our skin as well through dis-ease, pain or illness.

This is why we require every skin and massage therapist at Emerge be a certified reiki practitioner, too.

And some of our staff even offer DNA Activation. Throughout the year, we also offer soul workshops and healing circles that bring people together in small, intimate groups for meditations, cacao ceremonies, to explore self care and more. These are so beautiful to be part of and we invite all to attend. They all have a connection to your skin health and overall wellbeing.


Azalea has additional, but limited, availability outside of her online schedule for Soulcare appointments. Please call 336-553-0790 if you are in need of an energetic service but cannot find an appointment with her.