Virtual Facial Kit


Virtual facials are perfect for one-on-one time with an Esthetician when you can’t come into our salon or for when you want to gather with family or friends in a fun, nurturing way.

Group Virtual Facial Events
We even offer group, wedding and corporate event virtual facials. We send out our facial kit for $10 anywhere in the US if you can’t pick it up at Emerge. For group events, please contact us for rates.

Private Virtual Facials

$110 Staycation Facial Ritual #1 includes:

•A Grounding meditation to bring you into the present moment

•A 5-step facial with professional-grade products to get you back on track with your skin care
maintenance routine. (there is enough product for 2-3 facial applications)

•A few tips to turn your dreaded face washing routine into a Sacred Skin Care Ritual.

•One-on-one time with your esthetician to discuss any questions or concerns about anything skin or energy related. (One on one time available for private sessions only.)

$145 Staycation Facial Ritual #2 includes:

The same as #1 +

•A polished Gua Sha facial gemstone and personal instruction.
Gua Sha helps to help stimulate blood flow and move fluid, lymph, toxins and stuck energy out of your face as well as helps to tone and lift the skin.

$190 Staycation Facial Ritual #3 includes:

The same as #2 +

•A private Distance Reiki healing and an Oracle card reading. We will clear any stagnant energy from your chakras during this relaxing reiki meditation. The oracle reading serves as a divination tool for deeper introspection and leaves room for personal, intuitive interpretation.

PLEASE CALL 336-553-0790 to inquire about any Virtual Treatments or to book.